Why These Schools?

White Paper
Each religious movement breeds its own folklores, and a folklore whose truth is often assumed is that Nazarene colleges
were founded to train ministers. This folklore has some merit, for certain Nazarene colleges did originate from a desire
to train Christian workers—though not ministers exclusively. But in other cases the folklore is not true at all. Some
Nazarene colleges began with the intention to establish a liberal arts college, while others emerged from schools
founded originally to educate grammar and high school age youth. In the case of the latter, the focus was on educating
a Christian laity and forming the identity of Nazarene youth in a way that integrated basic educational achievement with
moral and spiritual training rooted in certain theological understandings. Thus, any generalizations about the purpose of
early Nazarene colleges must be broad enough to take into account different intentions—training Christian workers and
educating a Christian laity.
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