Rendezvous with Abundance

Hugh Benner

from book jacket:

"In Rendezvous with Abundance, Dr. Benner pictures the vast spiritual resources now available to us -- 'The Church of the Nazarene has had a rendezvous with abundance.' "

This denomination did not rise as a protest movement nor on a negative basis. It had a sound historical context. While our history as a group lies within the twentieth century, we are rooted in those doctrines held throughout the centuries.

The Abundance of Our Present Possessions. In faith, in vital Christian experience, in spiritual freedom, in tested patterns, in balanced attitudes, in consistent growth, and in unity we possess abundance indeed.

The Abundance of Our Opportunity. An adequate working force, a message the world needs, broad indications of spiritual hunger, and  open doors of opportunity provide abundance of opportunity.

The Abundance in God. The promises of God, the providences of God, the resources of God make up indeed a staggering abundance. With all of this the Church of the Nazarene has a rendezvous.

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