Holiness the Harmonizing Experience

 The messages in this book were delivered as lectures in the annual Gould Lecture Series at Eastern Nazarene College.  Previously much of the material was used in lectures given at Pasadena College, Cascade College, and at Northwest Nazarene College.

This volume was written for all who are interested in the problems which center in the living of the sanctified life. The dominant emphasis throughout these lectures is on the practical aspects of holy living. The author has attacked problems which have not often come to the focus of discussion with candor and common sense.  He has created a book so broad in its sympathies and understanding as to speak in some degree to the condition of everyone who reads it. The author is one who knows his subject, who understands the hearts of men, and (what is most important) who knows God.

The chapters are titled: 1) Harmony of life possible; 2) Source and Means of Harmonizing Life; 3) Achieving Harmony of Life; 4) Harmony and Human Frailties; and 5) Harmony is Progressive.

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