Helps to Holiness

Helps To Holiness
Helps to Holiness by Samuel L. Brengle

This book was written by an officer in the Salvation Army, Commissioner Samuel L. Brengle (1860-1936).  It "is intended to help every reader of its pages into the immediate enjoyment of Bible holiness" (Preface to the first edition).


I.  Holiness: What Is It?
2. Holiness - How to Get It
3. Hindrances To Obtaining the Blessing
4. The Temptations of a Sanctified Man
5. After the Holiness Meeting
6. "Fight the Good Fight of Faith"
7. The Heart of Jesus
8. The Secret of Power
9. The Leadage of Spiritual Power
10. The Man God Uses
11. Your Own Soul
12. Gideons' Band
13. The Chained Ambassador
14. Faith: The Grace and the Gift
15. Don't Argue
16. Letting the Truth Slip
17. If You Have Lost the Blessing - What?
18. Soul-Winners and Their Prayers
19. Present-Day Witnesses to the Resurrection
20. The Radicalism of Holiness
21. Perfect Peace
22. Some of My Experiences in Teaching Holiness
23. Another Chance for You!
24. Birds of Prey
25. "With Peace Unbroken"
26. Sanctification v. Consecration
27. Shouting
28. Some of God's Words to Me


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