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2019 Conference - Flourishing Pastors, Flourishing Congregations

The conference theme is Flourishing Pastors, Flourishing Congregations.


Dr. David Eagle
Keynote Speaker
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From Rhetoric to Reality Putting into Practice Our Century-Old Polity of Gender Partnership in Ministry

Janine Tartaglia-Metcalf
Within the Church of the Nazarene’s first thirty years, more than twenty percent of
our credentialed ministers were women. These matriarchs risked misunderstanding and,
in some cases, their lives to heed God’s call to preach and pastor. Their faithful
obedience helped convert countless souls and paved the way for future generations of
women to reach their highest ministerial potential. Unfortunately, by the mid to late
1930s Nazarene women began to vanish from the rolls of pastors, evangelists, and
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Nazarene Clergy Women: A Statistical Analysis from 1908 to 2003

Richard Houseal
The theme of this year’s ANSR conference—Women in Ministry: What We Say, What
We Do—implies that there may be a difference between our saying and doing. What we
say can be found in the doctrinal statements of our Manual, the pages of Holiness Today,
and in NTS classes. Manual paragraph 904.6, Women in Ministry, clearly states, “The
Church of the Nazarene supports the right of women to use their God-given spiritual gifts
within the church, affirms the historic right of women to be elected and appointed to

Dynamics of the Placement Process

This paper looks at deployment of ministers, particularly pastors, in the Church of the Nazarene. As with other presentations at this conference, we hope that consideration of the system will contribute to positive change. We especially desire that the church will become more effective in placing women in ministry. In addition, we hope that some new ministers seeking placement, both women and men, will be helped as they seek to obey God and find fulfilling ministry within the Nazarene system.
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Why These Schools?

Stan Ingersol
Each religious movement breeds its own folklores, and a folklore whose truth is often assumed is that Nazarene colleges
were founded to train ministers. This folklore has some merit, for certain Nazarene colleges did originate from a desire
to train Christian workers—though not ministers exclusively. But in other cases the folklore is not true at all. Some
Nazarene colleges began with the intention to establish a liberal arts college, while others emerged from schools
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